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Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow day

Happy New Year! Today I woke up with my 16 year old hovering over me and telling me to wake up.She said," aren't we going to do something today?"  I said," huh..I don't know." and rolled back over to sleep. A few minutes later there she was again squawking in my ears..."Well can't we go to Grandma's house?" Groggly I pulled myself out of bed. It occurred to me that this whole vacation we haven't really had an adventure. I wasn't being myself. I hadn't taken my kids to do something everyday. Funny, how it finally caught up with my 16 year old. The one who was used to all our quests for adventure and fun from the past years.

We have been home bodies and have been spending most of our time wrapping presents, opening presents, watching movies, visiting with family or friends at their home or ours, or as in my last post........ playing video games. Sometimes this is what we need as a vacation,.. to just rest and relax. Well the truth is, this past holiday vacation has been nowhere near relaxing. The stress of the holidays had gotten to us, and so much isolation all together under one roof. My husband and I are snapping at each other, the kids are one minute best friends, the next in a  arguing frenzy of flight or fight. During the last two weeks I have worked some, and my oldest daughter has worked some, and  the younger kids have gone over to friends houses. But ultimately, it was too much time inside together.

So I peeled and wedged my husband off the couch that had been his vehicle to play video games. I  woke my son up and listened to the wining of him and his 13 year old sister saying ,"We want to stay home and play video games"  Then I said," if you don't get ready and get in the car you won't be playing them for two weeks." Suddenly, it was a mad rush to get ready and get in the car. There was a last try, squeaky wine of ,"I need to wash clothes before school on Tuesday",coming from my 13 year old daughter. I thought quickly before the storm hit, and replied that "Grandma has a wash machine and to bring the clothes with her."

My 6 year old had been ready the night before with stuff to go to grandma's and was in the car before anyone. (Her and my oldest, must of made a plan.) Finally, we were on our way. Over the river and through the snowy woods to Grammy's house we go. The adventure began. When we arrived at Grammy's house (to put it lightly)  We were very happy to get out of the car. As I went in, I breathed a sigh of relief to be in the comforting sanctuary of my mom's house. We got snow stuff on and went straight to the sledding hill.

My kids were bursting with happiness as they slid down the hill. Gales of laughter and shouts of joy! A snow day was just what we all needed.

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Anonymous said...

We all need more get away adventures! Good for you all! K