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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Video Games

Video games:

This world that has stolen the young boys minds, and the husbands for that matter. My son is addicted. My husband is addicted. My 13 year old daughter has now been sucked into recently a game called Sky Rim. They each take turns playing, and are bored in between waiting for their turn. I try to stay away and do something else so it doesn't suck me in too.

I wonder what the effect will be on my children for the future. Will everything else be boring? If you can go on an adventure in a game and make your own character, what fun can you have in everyday life? I know its meant to be fun and entertaining. I also know how amazing technology has become. How real the game can seem, and you can even socialize while you play the game over a head set.

It's a person's dream come true. I just hope that people will still take their kids out to have real adventures. A video game really is against everything that I stand for. I love....Outdoor activities, hiking, biking, snowboarding, boating, wakeboarding, surfing, walking, swimming, running, exploring. Being creative with art activities and manipulatives, legos, blocks, building forts, houses, pretend play with doll houses, dolls, drawing, painting, music, a board game, ..etc.... OR just socializing with friends. It's crazy to think, you can actually almost do all these things on a, wii, etc..and never step outside your home.

My children have been exposed from birth to the video games. As their dad had worked in the field as a game counselor, then a concept artist since they were born. We were given free consoles and free games and their dad regularly played everyday.

We are living in a land of video games and technology. I welcome all the new things that have came into our lives. Game boys, Nintendo 64, X-Box, Wii, Ds, ipod, Zune, laptops and netbooks for all, cell phones, ebooks and Kindles. I wait for what will be next. No more real paper books....Every child to carry around an ipad or some kind of eReader instead of textbooks. Which actually I like this idea. All the books in one place and no more carrying those huge backpacks.

I guess you can't have one joy without the other. There is always going to be a quest for instant gratification.I am completely impressed with what all those intelligent men and woman have accomplished. How you can start with an idea and have it propagate into a majority of peoples households.  

I am guilty of loving and hating technology. I always feel torn. As I am writing this blog, on my laptop. Furthermore, getting excited today about my new printer that I can attach to my phone and print a photo or document from anywhere. 

Then in another sense, I would rather paint on a canvas then on a computer screen. and Really.. go hiking on a trail in a mountain outside. 

I don't know? Maybe in this day and age it's about Balance.

My daughters leaving notes for Juliet in Verona, Italy

Playmobil Fun Park in Zirndorf, Germany

Near Lake Como, Italy

Coffee shop on the river in Graz, Austria

Cousins Ds.. ing each other. When we were in Austria the cousins only knew a little English.
and my kids only knew a little Austrian. They had fun communicating through their Ds.

Exploring the Charles Bridge in Prague with friends.

Relaxing and Scaling walls near Riegersburg Castle in Austria


Mom said...

I, like you, have a love hate relationship with technology. I miss the times my grandkids used to snuggle up to me and tell me all their secrets. Now they are sitting in a corner listening to their ipod or texting their friend on their cellphone. I have to admit that I love facebook though, as I can keep up on the travels and everyday life of my family. I love the fact that my grandkids keep me learning all the new technologies. I feel very lucky that I have this advantage that many of my friends don't.

Kelly said...

Technology is here to stay but you have to agree seeing a waterfall and grassy field on a screen does not compare to rolling in the grass or standing under the waterfall. How about standing under the Eiffle tower looking up or smelling the smells of Italy or the ocean as the waves crash at your feet. Reality will always win in the long run. Kelly