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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Away we go

To London away we go!

My 10 year old daughter's backpack, ready to go.

The evening before our first trip was riddled with fear and excitement. We had been packing, just so, for days trying to get everything perfect for a month trip with the kids.We made lists and put everything on them that we owned. I scoured the books on what to expect in the countries we were going to visit. We had gone the college traveler route and decided to purchase everyone a hiking backpack to fit everything for the trip.We thought it would be easier to carry for the kids and more convenient. I learned later that most of the planning I did for the first trip would be a disaster, besides planning out where to go.

 We were leaving in the evening and I had tried to get the kids to rest but no such luck.  I on the other hand was going on no sleep by this time. I had been feverishly packing and checking everything twice and couldn't sleep the night before. Finally the backpacks were put into my mother-in-laws car and we were on our way. We got to the airport at the recommended time....... 3 hours early. The security line was painful as my children all had to take off their shoes and coats. Put each piece in a bin, then shove it down onto the conveyer. The people behind us were beginning to be impatient. My kids tried to be quick but with all their layers and gear on it was impossible. This is the first moment I realized we had too much stuff with us, and there would be many more  moments throughout the trip.

3 year old excitement to go on plane for the first time!

We have spotted our plane.

My kids all ready and happy to finally go on trip.

8 year old explaining information about the plane to my 3 year old.

10 year old getting nervous about flight,


Our full backpacks (Tip: #1, never bring backpacks. Rolling suitcases work much better with children)


Anonymous said...

It was a fun flight. Of course I had travelled to Europe many times to visit relatives and for school. However this was the first flight and trip with our four kids. We have it down to a system now, the kids are young International Travellers.

eastsideartschool said...

Yes, the answer is we have it down to a system "now'.lol...It only took us 4 years of traveling with the kids to finally really figure it all out :) Also its funny, you said that first flight was fun. All I remember was a blur of jittery impatient kids mixed with excitement to be in Europe.It was 10 hours. I think you were sleeping most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I cannot sleep on planes, maybe an hour nap. Yes they were excited, they did very well in the big picture.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny how differently we remember the same situation. Yes, we learn to prepare, pack and get around much easier with each trip. You should be getting quite good. K

eastsideartschool said...

yeah...this is why I wrote the disclaimer blog...:). This was 4 years ago so its hard to remember everything exactly. I am so glad I kept a journal. Maybe his experience was different than mine anyway. I know that everyone can be at the same movie or party but remember something completely different.