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Thursday, January 26, 2012

She can Move a Mountain


I am off!....Back into an exercise routine and even doing some time at the gym.

This wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for a friend of mine name Fiona who came up with an encouraging wonderful idea.  I am so proud to be friends with someone that has started something great.

She has started a movement ( literally) to help those in need, and in turn, making  it a personal experience for each woman or man involved. When you lose a pound, you donate a pound of food. She is helping men and women in the community get healthy and lose those pounds they have wanted to take away. Then in turn, taking those pounds of food that we have all ate in the past (this is my visualization of the process)  and donating it to families in need in the community. Families that may need those extra pounds put.. back on :)

Fiona's Slogan: Don't try to lose weight. You'll find it again! Don't drop it. Someone's sure to help you pick it up! Give the weight away!

For me, this is a stellar idea because I am a visual person and its a thrill for me to see the pounds that I am taking off by way of how many pounds of food that is. When you pick up a 10 pound bag of rice that's a lot. Even a pound of something...Pound of ground meat for example. I can picture all this food hanging off me and I want it off!  Donating the food is also another good motivator. When all was said and done. If the woman that have joined the group lost all the pounds that they have a goal to lose, it is around 1200 pounds of food to be donated!..I know this number has even gone up now since more and more people are joining the group. This is so amazing to me to see all these woman start up with the motivation of helping others!

Since I have known Fiona,this creative influential lady, when she sets her mind to something, she gets it done. I know that starting something, doing it, then getting it actually done. Is the secret to success in almost anything you do. This logic seems simple enough. Though difficult for many. Lots of people get stuck on one of the first two steps. I haven't known of anything Fiona has done that she doesn't follow through completely with. I wonder what drive is holding her up. We could all use a little of that magic. I spoke to Fiona and asked her what her drive is?... and she said, " If she finds something she is passionate about this drives her to do it and get it done." She then laughed and said," But I get passionate about alot of things that's the problem."

 I don't think our community sees this as a problem. You... Fiona are an inspiration to us all. I was just at our weekly weigh in today and Fiona lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks! This is amazing!

We love you Fiona! Keep up the good work!

For me when it comes to weight loss my hardest obstacle is the first step...just getting started. Other things I do in my life have not been as hard for me. I can get an idea, get started, do it, and finish. I was lucky that my mother put importance to this process in our heads at a young age. My siblings and I seem to live by this philosophy very well as adults. I am just blocked from this idea with losing weight. Maybe its because weight control is a constant project. Its like the song that never ends. All the other ventures I have undergone, have a definite ending or instant accomplishment.  The other blocking problem for me is when I was a kid  I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a pound. It just doesn't seem fair. Now it seems like I look at a bowl of ice cream and I gain a pound. I have to realize that as we get older our body chemistry changes and I need to exercise at the least 4 times a week, if not walk every day. I think I can do it. I just need to realize that exercise needs to be just part of my everyday routine. Like brushing my teeth and putting on shoes. I think maybe I just need to make it a habit.

If you want to get involved as a business or live in Duvall and want to join the group, there is a facebook page or you can go to the blog to read and get more info.

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Fiona Bryant said...

Meagan, who is this person you're talking about!!!

Thank you for your kind words. I love living in Duvall and really enjoy raising my kids in this fabulos community. The men and women who are participating in, and supporting, Move A Mountain For Duvall are providing me with as much inspiration and motivation as I'm giving them. Everyone I've reached out to for support of the group has been overwhelmingly helpful. It's easy to have an idea but without Jeff at Thrive, Roger at Safeway, Ronnie at the library and everyone else who has promoted us, added Move A Mountain items to their menus and offered the group discounts or free services, it wouldnt have taken off!! It takes a great community to move a mountain!