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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My six year old's perspective on Austria

Austria: written by: My 6 year old daughter

My cousin's live there that's why I like it. We traveled there before. Most of the houses are yellow. I went to the chocolate factory there. I love it. I like and visited the ice caves and the salt mines.  I like the castles and the mountains there. The mountains have grass hills. The castles were really pretty. We couldn't find them very easily because you don't have like maps or GPS most the time because your walking. I like the gardens in Austria.

My cousins at the Kletterpark

I don't know what I am doing?

My cousin and me

Me and my sisters and cousins
Fun with cousins at the Innsbruck zoo

My cousins

Great aunt and cousin
In downtown Graz
My cousins

Walking with my cousins

Hot chocolate, juice and brownies at coffee shop over the river

Train ride inside mountain in Graz

Me and my cousin

Iceskating with my cousin

My cousin 

Flavors of chocolate at the chocolate factory

I made hot chocolate with a chocolate bar and steamed milk
 at the chocolate factory

The chocolate factory. We walked upstairs and we tasted a bunch of different kinds of chocolate.
We made hot chocolate by ourselves. Yummy!!yummy!!
My favorite chocolate was the white chocolate that we tasted.

Cousins with my brother

View from mountain after riding up in Gondala

Riding with mom and me on a rail car down the mountain

Me and my cousins and sisters

Me and my cousin

The ice caves were cold. There was a bunch of ice. There was stairs that you could walk up and go in the caves. There was big pieces of ice that said stuff on it. There was shiny ice there. We had someone that leaded us to somewhere on our tour. I love Austria!

Opening to the ice cave
Taking a break on a picnic table from walking

We had to walk a long way to get to a gondola
to ride to the top of the mountain to the ice cave
My mom sisters and me

My Omi and Opa

There was snow on the trail

The salt mines had lots of salt. We had to wear special thingy like uniforms. We rided this little train thingy. We saw big pieces of salt. and then there was little computers things and we could see salt and sugar on those things it made them bigger and smaller when you turned a knob.
My mom with salt mines outfit on

Me and my sister with really big pieces of salt

Above there is the slide and this is my sister with salt from the salt mines, and then picture of sisters and me with outfits on.

Tunnel in Salt mine. There was a bunch of stuff dripping.

My sisters and mom on Salt mines train 


suzy said...

Grace has grown so much since then! SO cute

Gramma said...

Grace's story was very interesting and well done. I think she has her Moms writing talent.