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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Santa, 

What I want for Christmas is:
  1. My house to have a self cleaning option
  2. An elf to come and wash, fold, and put away my laundry
  3. Rudolf to come and weed, prune and clean up my yard. Maybe put a fence up so my dog can be free outside when he wants.
  4. Time to go slower , so I can catch a breathe and spend more time with my kids (maybe if you get me the house self cleaning option, and the elf to do my laundry I could accomplish this)
  5. Give money toward education so we can build better schools and pay teachers well
  6. Let's not forget to feed the homeless and give them a place to sleep
  7. Work on world peace to be able to move on to number 8
  8. End all wars of every kind
  9. Give the gift of compassion to everyone, so they can SEE
  10. and especially please give the gift of Love to all

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