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Monday, December 12, 2011

I really do forget

I have been watching my god daughter since Wednesday night. She is one years old.
My 4 kids are now between the ages of 6-16. I am exhausted.
I really do forget how much taking care of a baby can take out of you.
Nevermind the fact that my own four kids are wanting things at the same time.
Its like since I have been watching her there is a loud speaker coming from my own children.Suddenly they seem to need so many things. Or maybe I just got more rest normally so it seemed easier.

I have taken care of my god daughter in the past. I don't remember being as tired last time.Maybe its because she just wasn't really as mobile then. Although at this point she seems to be attached to my hip. I can't leave a room without her letting out a wale.
I think this is a good reminder to me when I see mothers with young babies or toddlers. It puts me back to a place so I can commiserate with the many parents that come to my Sensory art classes.

 On one hand I miss my kids being this precious age. Always a smile for me. No arguments. portable.Fun..... On the other hand... diapers, having to do everything for them, can't completely tell you what they want (although in some ways this should go on the good list, wait till you have a The feeling that they can't do anything without you. Actually may be nice sometimes, my teens are the complete opposite. (This is what I get for raising self sufficient kids.)

 Oh what am I kidding, I miss my children as babies. Those sweet little innocent cherubs they once were. Even though I didn't have my own life because every waking moment revolved around the care of them.
It was worth every moment.

Bottom line:

Mothers need a place to rest and relax with their young children for sanity purposes.

Maybe not just for the mother but for the child

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