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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Momma's are talking

There are some things we are told not to talk about. Religion, politics, what age your child was when he/or she walked or talked. Comparison and opinions can hurt.

All over the world you can hear those Mommas talking." My child was 10 months when he walked", or "My daughter was a fluent reader when she was 4."

The most interesting thing about all these statements is that most children eventually get to the same starting point. The point when they have reached all the important milestones.

By the time an average child is 7-8 years old he or she usually can walk, talk, read, and write.

When the child is 10 no one is going to remember he was special because he was potty trained at 20 months old. They are not going to put the child in an advanced learning program given this information.
I am not saying that all children may or may not have a special gift.
Actually, I believe that all children have their talent in their own way.

I just  want to know.... Why must we have this competitive nature?
 Is it really important to be better than someone else?
The sports that are played, all based on competition. I guess at least, these are based on having fun.

What about just your everyday woman. Trying to look better than all the other women.
 For what purpose does this hold? Are you going to win a prize for being the most beautiful ? and if you did, is this going to give you satisfaction and fill whatever hole in your life that is empty?

I can understand the importance of good hygiene. Just so people don't get ill from the stinky stench that may fill the air, or from the dirt under someones fingernails and covering their hands that could be harvesting who knows what germs.

I am just not so sure its completely important to be a radiant beauty everyday. Wait... let me ref-raze that.
I am talking about the woman that spends two hours on their hair and wont leave the house without a tub of make up on. In my opinion.... I don't understand this. I bet under that makeup is a pretty face.

 I have seen  beauty flow like an Ora around certain woman I know. These are the ones that are naturally beautiful inside and out. I know this sounds like what you may hear all the time.  A mere cliche. However, I have so many examples in my life of genuine  magnificent clarifying beauty. My sister is a perfect example. She is one of the most genuine nicest beautiful people I know. She's kind, caring to even a stranger, considerate of all those around her, generous,  loving, an amazing mother, and gorgeous. I think she would help anyone that needed it. I am so blessed to have her as a glowing example in my life. I also have a handful of  friends that  fall under the same description. The ones that are always positive, happy and have a smile on their face, no matter what the hurdle they must pursue. Whom... I am so happy to have in my life. You probably don't realize who you are because you are so humble.


It would be nice to live in a world where people were just all happy about who they were.
Even in my own little world I feel like I need to lose weight. But when I stop to think about it, I am wondering why? .....will it really make me happier? Or will icecream before I go to bed every night make me happier?

I know it takes a world of people to keep it spinning. For this I am grateful.
I can't imagine a world with all people believing everything the same.
Or what if everyone was good at all the same things.?
 How boring would life be?

Nevertheless....Please! the next time you hear Momma's comparing and  someone is telling you how smart their 2 year old is, remember its not a race.

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