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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Be careful not to blink

My 12 year old son is sitting here next to me while I write this saying... "write about everyone being crazy this week"....I wasn't thinking about this subject., I say. I was thinking about the way it feels to be with family.
Then I giggle to myself thinking about "yes".... the craziness he is talking about. Those glimpses of the total stranger standing in front of me that used to be my sweet precious innocent daughter. How did this happen?
I heard something on the radio the other day about teenagers that really made sense. A mother was on there saying, "that she thinks the reason that teens hit this rage and anguish against parental people in their life is because we were made by god to go through this at this specific age, so the natural progression towards leaving home can begin."

 A way to get the parents ready. I never really thought of it this way, yet this actually makes perfect sense to me. It makes me think, in all honesty, the contentment that I am not alone in the world of the mother of teens. With this said, the real question is....But really? couldn't it have been a little easier? I feel like its hard enough going through this age (yes mine and without the hormones kicking on full swing.

Ok, ok, so this post wasn't supposed to be negative. Its hopefully some good information for those parents out there struggling with the new prospect of their children growing up. The splendid news is they eventually come out of it, and are quite likable...lovable to be exact. I have grown nieces whom are quite amazing and have grown to be quite admirable respectable woman.

Maybe I need to just hold my breathe and just get through this with a positive outlook. Learn to meditate and flow through the  midst of the  ever changing minds of the children growing around me.

Right now I have learned to grab any time that they ask of me. Spend time trying to find their new interests.

I am grateful for those calm quiet moments that they want to share their thoughts with me. Although they don't come quite as often as I would like. Its hard, I have begun to miss them already. It goes so quick.  Did I just blink and there,... they are grown?

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Anonymous said...

Your article makes me look back at the teenage years of my children and see how it bettered me for the future to come. Your article makes me look ponder why things happen.. I like this. Keep up the good work Meagan. KLaRue