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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Registration began

Registration Began August 1.,2002. And Classes commenced on September 3, 2002.
My concept of Art for young children was really going to happen. I had seemed to find a niche that hadn’t been filled. The idea hadn’t just come to me. It was a natural way that I had been raising my children and people had said to me that what I was doing with them was unique, and I should open up a place somewhere that I could let everyone enjoy. So I worked on a business plan and finalized this Art concept. It seemed to happen so fast and I worried about someone else taking my ideas and using them to open their own art school. I know this sounds egocentric and I know it’s better to be humble. I am just passionate about something I have worked so hard on. This is my baby “my concept”, I watched it grow, I spent quality time with it, nurtured it, had to figure out problems with it, stayed up with it late at night, and spent countless hours worrying about “my” idea. Is this the way everyone feels when they have put their whole self into something? I know I feel this way about my own children and I do know that someday I have to let go and let them make their own way into the world.
The feeling of emptiness, as I watched my oldest daughter get in her newly bought car after she just got her license, and drive away on her own. Wow,.. I have to trust that I have raised her right up until this moment. Eventually all four of my children will grow up. It pains me to think that those children will all someday also make that first drive out of the driveway. My life seems to be filled with so many new beginnings. I have to remember to hold off on that little child voice inside that yells. “Hey that’s mine!” I learned the saying long ago. “It takes a village to raise a child”
I know that if it wasn’t for my family and friends my children wouldn’t be who they are today.
So I need to learn to let go and be in the moment and breathe and know ……
“We all belong to each other and each of us needs all the others.”-Romans 12:3-5

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