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Friday, November 11, 2011

I have the utmost respect


I have the utmost respect for all people in the military. In fact, a lot of my family have served in some way or another. I have a cousin training right now. But let's face it I am a true hippie at heart. Not the get down and dirty, smelly, naked and disrespectful for all things conforming. Just the wanting Peace, love and No war kind.

I wish there was a way to solve all the differences without having to send young men and woman to fight with weapons. After all these years well....Hundreds of years of fighting...humans have not evolved. The weapons have gotten bigger yet the human mind hasn't been able to figure out a way to solve an issue without violence. It scares me in wonderment for the future of my 4 children. History always seems to repeat it self and I am not sure why. You would think doing something over and over again and it still not working would maybe make people think...Huh?? Maybe we should try something new?

I know this obviously isn't a simple problem to figure out. I have posted a photo of a wall in Prague that the youth had fought their war in "their" way. Each night they would cover the wall with paintings of peace and each day the authorities would white wash it away. (for more info you can google the Lennon peace wall in Prague) I love this example of fighting in a peaceful manner through art no less. I wish it could all be this simple.

This post is for all those families who have lost loved ones in in the military. My heart goes out to all of you. Thank You..... Veterans for fighting for all our freedom.

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