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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Drill Team

Drill Team..definition:.…Fond memories of girls giggling, singing, dancing, and smiling.
Drill : She has been interested in being on a Drill team since she was 9 years old. She smiled as she watched her oldest cousin perform at a football game. This is her third year on the Drill team. Drill team has been good to her. When she began the Drill team as a freshman, she started high school with a giant group of instant friends. They worked hard together and built a strong bond.
Today I watched my daughter perform in her second Drill Competition of this year. I was a proud mother watching her. Not just for her performance in her routine but for her courage to stay with her team. This sport has brought so much turmoil in the lives of many girls, coaches, and mothers. I don’t think it’s the sport. I really think woman of all ages have a hard time getting along. Why is this? Why must we be so competitive as women to each other? It would be much better just to help each other out. I will never understand.
As a self admitted true stubborn, strong personality woman myself, I realize I can learn a lot from my daughter. She knows when to speak out. She doesn’t follow the crowd. She smiles even when it’s hard. At a young age my daughter has shown me that she has true determination and knows what commitment means. This being said, I have seen all the happiness and joy that being part of this team has brought into my daughter’s life.

What is a team? What is hard work? What constitutes perseverance? What is friendship?
My daughter has learned all of these things. I am so proud of her. Love you H!

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Ali Breinig said...

Aw this is so cute and so true!!!!!!! I wish women would come together more often and stop being so competitive too...we are all in this together!! And ps..i need to come to a comp! Tell me when they are please!