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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Caution this is not for Everyone:

Caution this is not for Everyone:

Be well advised that my Sensory Art Studio class at Orange Blossom Society is not for neat nicks or clean freaks. I feel like I need to put a Warning label on the definition of the classes, so parents can be aware that when your child leaves he or she… may …or may not… have flour laced through their hair or split peas caught between their toes. It’s certain that they will have paint on the soles of their feet and maybe a splash or two of blue or yellow paint on their nose and cheeks. When you look around the room it will be Messy!

This is the point. I wanted to create a place that children can explore in an unrestrained environment.

Where they can make the mess they want and experiment with cause and effect. Hear the sounds of black eyed peas clanking on metal pots and plastic bowls. Walk in slime and pick it up and let it seep between your fingers. Paint their toes and dance around. Roll in flour. Swim in lentils.

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