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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The people that are from everywhere to make one place

My 6 year old has entered the Reflections contest this year.
The Title was...Diversity means......?
and she had to fill in the blank.

I would of answered the question the same way. My parents were from two completely different worlds. My dad's parents being born in China and raising my dad in a traditional Chinese way.  My mom's parents being mainly German and French and a touch of Dutch, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, English, and  Native American. (They had lived in America from far back. I would love to know from exactly when. or always, as far as the Native American goes.)She had been brought up very stereo typically American. For those two types of people to come together and make a family with such separated traditions is amazing. Or.. as a child "for me" confusing. When I was growing up I wasn't accepted from the Asian kids or the Caucasian kids. I was always somewhere stuck in the middle. Its hard for me to even talk about my nationalities. Or is it safe to say I wish I couldn't see colors. If you lived in my skin as a child it was pointed out regularly. What are you? Is the question I would get asked on a daily basis. I usually would just stare at them blankly. Other days, I would go through the list of countries. Then eventually, I would just say, " I am a human." "What are you ?"

The worst,... is forms that you fill out that you have to check the box of what nationality you are.I had to check "other". How could I pick? I am exactly half Caucasian and half Asian.

But really...... in actuality aren't most people the "other" box? What is Caucasian?
Its a mix of many countries mixed somehow into one?

I am lucky though because I  am part of a big family. So even though I didn't feel accepted in school at a young age. I always had my 4 siblings. So I was part of something family. I am so Thankful for family.

Now it seems that I am more like everyone else. When I look around there is a beautiful mix of countries in so many people. A whole different world then it used to be. But really if you dig deep into most peoples heritages they are more then one nationality. The average American is at least from 2 or more other countries.
Or maybe its always been this way and I just didn't realize it until I was grown.

The great melting pot. The human race.
The people that are from everywhere to make one place.

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