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Monday, June 25, 2012

Graz, Austria

When I think of Austria, I almost think of coming home again.
For several years since I have been married to my husband we have traveled here to visit with his family. I love the moment of driving into the city of Graz and getting that feeling of familiarity and feeling an instant joy about seeing loved ones. I see the excitement in my 6 year olds eyes of the anticipation of seeing her beloved cousins and I feel myself breathe a sigh of instant contentment with the thought of a relaxing vacation.

Our journey begins here....

Tradition is to go to the outdoor market in downtown Graz.
 We have our favorite items that we always get.

The hills are alive......<3 <3 <3 <3

A visit with family


Cousins :))


I love how it can be a year since these cousins have seen each other,
and they seem to just have seen each other yesterday.


Quality time with Grammy

Zotter chocoloate factory...We have to go everytime we visit family in Graz.
We are holding up our tasting spoons :))..yum

All suited up for the Kletterpark

1 comment:

Dennis Buckmaster said...

Terrific pictures. Beautiful vistas. Good to see everyone having such a great time.