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Saturday, June 23, 2012

To scan or Not to scan

This is the question.

The day we headed for the plane I hadn't really given too much thought about being asked to step into the scanner. In the past 5 years of international travel I have never really even been pulled aside. I had to get rid of a water bottle once because I forgot I left it in my bag  (if this counts)

My husband has had to think about the subject more recently when he has made a choice to use an insulin pump. His doctor told him under any circumstance that he was NOT to go into the full body scanner in the airport. The scanner would destroy the pump.

So he knew going in.... that if it came down to it,........ he had to be patted down.

We all knew it was his fate since on every trip we have gone on, without fail, he has been pulled aside and questioned, or they would rummage through his bag. It has became such a regular thing that I even plan extra time ahead of time, just to make sure we don't miss our plane.

So when I found myself at the security gate and got a finger pointed at me to go through  the full body scanner, I suddenly had to make a choice. I looked at my husband and he, like clockwork, was also asked to step aside.

I quickly without thought said, "No" "I don't want to go through the scanner."
In my mind I thought," how bad could a quick pat down be?" My husband has to do it, and ultimately I remember reading that its really your  "own" choice.

Wasn't I in for a surprise. Then  I found myself waiting behind the gate for 10 minutes while they searched to find someone to do the pat down {Thank goodness! my mother is with us on this trip and waited with my children on the other side of the line} Although they did get to see a show as this woman patted me down and whispered in my ear.

It really was creepy. She started at the top of my head and went all the way down my body. She even rubbed my bare arms to my finger tips, squeezing the end of my fingers (do people hide stuff under their skin?) Then of course she did the rest of my body.and all the while was whispering in my ear and asking me over and over," why didn't I just want to go through the scanner?" and  stating that, "You know, you get more radiation riding on the plane that you are about to go on."

This all (by the way) was in perfect view of my 4 children. They all stared in horror (not because their mother was being patted down) but because.... they expressed later that...."Why was " I"... so stupid to pick being patted down?"  Was she crazy? (well at least this was what I heard from my two teenage daughters.) My six year old and my twelve year old son might of actually been damaged by the scene.       

It wouldn't have been that bad if the woman had just patted me down and got it over with. I felt completely violated more by the way the woman had talked to me. I didn't need a lady whispering in my ear and telling me her opinion. Isn't it up to me to decide whether I want to be exposed to just a little more radiation? Logically for me, if they don't let children go through, or an insulin pump would be ruined.....Then the scanner must cause some damage?

 I speak very clear about this opinion.(and of course it is my body)
In my opinion, every little bit adds up in every situation. If I don't want to be exposed..... no matter how small amount of radiation it is...... I shouldn't have to go through...right?

I would love to hear your opinions,( And please don't whisper them in my

P.S. When talking to my husband,  I found out that the man that patted him down didn't whisper in his ear.

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So the adventure begins! ;)