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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A trip with teens

I haven't posted a new blog since we left Austria because I am traveling with teens.
After being out all day exploring, on the way back to the hotel they are arguing on who gets to use the laptop first. It has became an obsession for all of them. They are far away from home yet they want to be home. They want to be able to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and walk the coastal towns yet pretend that they are just at home.

So as it goes they come back after being out and first thing head for my laptop. I tell them it needs to be a short time each and that I would like a turn too. After three of them have skyped, emailed and facebooked I am too tired to have my turn. Last night after walking through Rome all day my legs and feet were so tired that when I finally sat down I did not want to move. So here I am 7am before my children are awake, getting "my turn" finally.

All I can say is that traveling with teens has rewards and it has shortcomings. Its not the way it used to be when they were younger. We now have 3 extra very strong opinions on what our plan is for the day. Just even only a year ago I have fond memories of a trip that was not argued about or commented on. We went out for the day and there was joy and celebration. They fought with each other yet it only lasted a few minutes. Now a tiff seems to go on and on and (on).... for days.

Its been challenging this trip to make everyone happy.
Although, it is easier now traveling with them in the sense of getting packed and each of them taking care of themselves. Although some days still I hear my name echoing over and over with questions and concerns.

I really am not complaining. I  know that I need to hold on to these moments no matter how stressful or how intriguing they may be. My children are almost grown and I just have to accept this.

By the sea at Les Saint Maries de la mer, France

The walls of Girona, Spain

At dinner Les Saint Maries de la mer, France

Following behind and scaling the walls in Girona, Spain

Sunset dance Girona, Spain

My oldest contemplating living in Spain

Swimming the Mediterranean sea

In front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy (Lovely man photo bombing us with his umbrellas)

In front of Vatican city

Saint Aygulf, France

In the sea in Cannes, France

My mom and I in Saint Aygulf, France (The brave Grammy coming on this

The Colosseum on 4th of July!  Rome, Italy

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