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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"You are my best friend"

The simple things in life.

This weekend I was at the park with my six year old daughter. After being there for about 15 minutes, she had already made a friend with whom she was running around playing with like she had known her whole life. They ran up and down a hill. Chased each other in a circle. Went down slides and swung on swings.
In about 25 minutes the new friend, a little girl named Isabel replied,"You are my best friend" to my daughter. My daughter just giggled and they happily kept playing.

I miss these days of the simple things. I am bogged down with an array of mixed emotions from myself. It is apparent in the space I am in now, in my life with my friends, to my teenage daughters woes about their friends. Even my 12 year old son is beginning to have issues with friendships and trying to cope with the challenges of the middle school dilemmas. Every day I am faced with hearing about hurt feelings, friend swapping, and confusion.

 When did my children grow up so fast? When did I wake up to be a mother of 4 almost grown children? As a mother I feel their pain when they lose a friend or get their feelings hurt. I worry about them every moment. Everything is times 4, or times 6          (if I even have time, to worry about myself and husband too.)

I love being a mom and believe its the most important job in the world. That's why I take my job so seriously. This is why I get payed the big

I am their mommy. Description:  a counselor, creative director, chauffeur, boss, cook, cleaning lady, hair stylist,  travel guide, nurse, teacher, athletic director, and best friend.

I wonder how I ever have time to be a true friend to anyone outside my family. If you are one of my friends reading this.., bear with me. I think I just realized why I hardly have any time to spend on our friendship.


Although, I feel everything is as it should be for me right now.

I miss those easy days of playing on the playground, walking to the park, and making a best friend in 5 minutes.

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mom said...

I know exactly how you feel and as I get older I embrace my family friendships more. Recently I received an invitation to my 50th highschool reunion and they sent a questionnaire, to make a memory book for everyone. The 1st question is, "what is the achievement you are most proud of?". This was an easy question to answer. My children are my greatest achievement. As a single parent, most of my young life was consumed by their physical and emotional needs. I did not have time to make close friends, because I could not devote the time to those friendships. Looking back I have no regrets. I have five very grounded, productive, happy children, that are five of the best parents I know. I now have time to devote to friendships and have learned from my children's trials with friendships, that some things never change. There are still adults out there that act like. children. To make true good friends takes the same kind of work from both people in the friendship. Unlike family friendships you can Pick your friends. I can honestly say my children my children will always be my best friends.