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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are not alone

On the contrary to popular belief, we are not alone.
These are the only words I can fathom to communicate
when it comes to raising my children.

I have always wanted the best for my children. I have been beginning to realize that this is completely out of my control. I can raise them with the best intentions in mind. Moral values, self sufficiency, compassion, love.

I can  even educate them to the best of my knowledge about the world. There is just something I never thought of. Or maybe I have, its just blaring in my face lately.

This is .....I can't control the environment around them. I can't control the people they may meet. Or the way people are going to respond to them. I can't fill the void of decisions that another person can make for my child in school or work or even play.

We are all walking around with the assumption that we are all alone,
when really in my opinion we are anything but.


suzy said...

No one is alone. Everyone at one point or another is going through similar trials and tribulations. We are not alone, once we know this in our hearts, we can reach out. Others are willing to help us up, only if we ask

Mom said...

It took me years to realize that the only person I could control was myself. You can learn to get the results you want from others by how you respond to them. We can only teach our children what we believe in and other views of the world. Our children will eventually choose what they want to believe in and how they interact with their world. What you can give them is yourself available to them when they ask for help. They will come to you someday because they know you love them and they are not alone.