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Monday, February 6, 2012

With women and girls....Three's a crowd ???

This question comes up in my mind about once a week.
Why can't 3 woman be together without one of them feeling left out?
This phenomenon has haunted me since I was a little girl.

Yet men and boys can be with any number of people and they seem to be happy?
Is it the friends I choose? or Is this just how females are?
Its funny we know that we are like this, yet it has never changed.

Recently my 6 year old daughter had a playdate, there was 3 girls all together. I remember one of the mothers asked if, "I thought this was going to work for the playdate today?"  I said," lets just see, and I can invite another friend from the neighborhood to come over if its not working."  Like clock work, about 20 minutes into the playdate... Inevitably two of the girls had paired off and there was tears coming from the left out friend. I talked to the girls about feeling left out and that we need to all play together. Although, with the other mothers words ringing in my ears, I then invited a friend from the neighborhood over. Of course, after the other friend arrived the rest of the afternoon was very peaceful.

 Is there some explanation why it always seems to be this way with women and girls?
I would love to hear all of your opinions...Please comment below if you have a solution or answer to this pesky anomaly.

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